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Travel notes

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Travel notes

Travel notes

The streets safe:

Vigilant, avoid to dangerous places, including a   crowded tram or railway stations, elevators, tourist attractions, market or   suburbs.

Don't copy the shortcut, the narrow lanes or dark   streets, had better not go out alone at night.

Keep a low profile, and don't talk about or quarrel with others.Don't   talk to strangers your trip or private.

Be careful of the pickpocket.

The hotel security:

1. The hotel the door is locked at any time, and meet with during his   visit to guest at the guest room, as far as possible not in receive a visitor   in the room.

2. Don't make money or valuables while going out any discarded in the   room, the best in the hotel safe.

3. In the evening go out, want to tell your partner first, when can you   come back to the hotel.

4. When he found the elevator are suspicious person, if you are alone   without a companion, then don't come into use.

5. Read the fire safety instructions, know how to report a fire.Really   know about the exits or closest to the emergency exit.Confirmation from your   room and there are a few door between the most close to the exit, so that in   case of fire smoke, know how to escape.

Taxi: take a significant government issued by taxi, avoid by all means   take no pheasants car licence.

Train: evening often find the organization of stealing group, especially   lie the carriage.If the train on the platform or channel inside the train   someone from the front is blocking your way, behind someone close to you   again, will try to go as soon as possible.Do not accept any stranger to your   food or drinks.Criminals often in food or drinks add drugs, may also be   sprayed around a car hypnosis tile.The car unlocked, if cannot be locked, the   best partner with you take turns to sleep, otherwise should simply not   sleep.If you want to sleep, can be tied luggage good pillow under the head,   and put anything valuable in the body.If security intimidation, don't be   afraid, even the police.Used on the train or steal robbery occur more often   there are a lot of policemen were sent.

Bus, train station or the train theft cases will occur at bus stations   or on the bus, in a country once had the vehicle passenger collective   ransacked by criminals.

Driving safety:

1. When renting a car, don't hire foreign cars, rent   the local best popular car.If possible, request the car rental 'on "for   rent" sign.Better shape, and doors and Windows can be controlled by the   driver switch.Rent the car is equipped with air conditioning, line on the   window, in case the purse was snatched away.

2. The doors locked at any time, and fasten your seat belt.It is best   not to driving at night.

3. Don't put valuables in the car, such as onboard, but   while no one notice, locked in the trunk of the car.

4. Don't park the car in the street all night, if not a   garage or other security in hotel or urban area parking Spaces, parking where   the light is bright.

5. Don't give people a lift.If found near a suspicious person, don't   drive door, leave as quickly as possible.

Pay attention to fraud stolen cars:

1. In the place where the tourists more, such as   southern Europe, cheat secretly driving passengers pattern and more brillant,   rent a car when it is best to rental qi car company consult methods of being   mugged.

2. Criminals often at gas stations, car parks, urban or lay on the   road.Inside or outside, must pay attention to say "hello" to you or   get your attention.

3. The predator has a wonderful plot, often disguise good, active said   is willing to help you repair the tire, in fact, the tire is no problem,   could they have intentionally break it.Sometimes they may break another car   tires, then please help repair together, and the chance to steal your luggage   or car.Usually they are the partnership as a case, a people pretend to help   you, another chance to steal your things.

4. Sometimes take brutal scoundrel, take you to the   remote path, or deliberately made traffic accident, crashed your car front   and rear fender, claims and a high price.

5. In some places the gunman would never take the time to play, they   often simply at ten words crossroads, to break the Windows, take your car and   property.In addition, in addition to the small heart to avoid traffic   accident, also pay attention to the pedestrian, ride a bike or motorcycle,   they are likely to steal.

6. Pushing you for no reason.

Pretend to do time or direction.

Tell your clothes into dust.

Harassment you, distract you.

7. Pickpockets may also with the attitude of a child or woman holding a   baby.Be careful of the wandering children will harass you, and take   pickpocketing your belongings.

8. The purse back in his chest, and don't stay in the   corner, just in case someone drive or ride a motorcycle take bag from your   side.

9. Be sure to calm calm when shopping.Get lost, want to pretend to was   about to go up to there.In addition to the police personnel, don't look for a   person to ask the way.

10. Try to understand how to use the coin-operated telephone, and bring   some change or token money at any time.

11. Learn a few words of dialects, so that it is used for help.Copy   write down emergency phone number, including the police, fire brigade, hotel   or roc overseas missions.

12. Confronted with robbery, don't resist, don't loathe to give up   anything valuable, money and passport can be recovered, but cannot redeem in   life.

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