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Tourism F.P.A.

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Tourism F.P.A.

Travel insurance

According to the rules of travel industry management, tourism industry   and the performance of insurance liability insurance cover must be effected   to a group, and the original NT200 ten thousand yuan travel fpa has passenger   insurance, however, if a passenger group and meaning for accident, causing   the death or disability, passenger claims by insurance company contract   liability, death can cost as much as $2 million in claims, while the   disability grade level, as for the medical expenses of RMB 30000.If one of   your passengers had meaning for death is due to the fault of the travel   agency, accident compensation can be obtained at up to ten thousand yuan,   NT1000 if travel industry due to the problems of the financial unable to   reach a travel trip, within the scope of the insurance benefits, then the pay   the compensation cost.

Travel industry comprehensive insurance

Legal responsibility: the travel agency or the leader and guide   arrangement member to prohibited, illegal activities (such as swimming,   snorkeling, etc.), because there was an accident, make the member body   injury, death or property damage, the travel agency shall be liable for   damages in accordance with the law, the insurance company in insurance amount   compensation.

Contract responsibility: passengers to travel tour group by () at home   and abroad, during the travel period, due to the accident outside the   meaning, cause death or disability, the insurance company claims.

Performance liability insurance, the insured, within   the effective period of this insurance contract to a third person after the   charge a membership fee, due to financial problems make the travel   arrangements or group by cannot depart or complete the whole trip, travel to   members of the loss of all or part of the membership fee, in accordance with   the law shall be liable for compensation by the insured, the company members   of tourism liable for compensation.

P.S. Each performance liability including 30000   accident medical treatment have 30000 yuan and 3 million yuan, covered by   various travel agencies have different lines.

Tourism F.P.A.

Travel ping an insurance is for travel abroad the   possibility of unexpected (with the exception of disease, surgery, suicide,   war confound, professional sports competitions and intentional act) all   casualties accident caused by guarantee, generally all can receive the claim   on the insurance company.

Travel insurance will enforce performance

Passengers can be insured by ping an insurance.Based on July 1, 84   implementation of the new rules of travel industry management, tourism   industry and the performance of insurance liability insurance cover must be   effected to a group, the original 2 million yuan ping an insurance is to be   covered by the passenger to travel.Liability insurance content can be divided   into legal liability and contractual liability, the passenger to travel group   travel tour, because there was an accident, cause death or disability,   compensation by insurance company contract liability, death may lose 2   million yuan, the disabled depending on the level, the medical expense is   30000 yuan, family members to deal with cost 100000 yuan.If passengers death   an accident, is due to the travel agency negligence, accident recovers the   highest 10 million yuan each time.The performance content of insurance, the   travel industry cannot complete travel due to financial problems within the   scope of the insurance amount, should be to pay the compensation cost.

Insurance coverage

The insured in the validity period of this contract, because suffer   accident harm accident, its body suffer harm and deformed, incorrect jee or   death about fixed in accordance with the contract, pay insurance   gold.Accident harm accident "in the preceding paragraph refers to the   outside to sudden accident caused by a disease disease.

How to apply for the insurance money

Insurant one thousand during travel or during the   period of insurance accident, the accident of a month to declare insurance   after the accident and the relevant documents for compensation.

Required to submit documents include: claim   application, insurance policy, beneficiary's certificate seal, accident proof   document 

All relevant documents are retained for future   reference

Once approved, the insured person (the beneficiary)   will soon win compensation.

The new type overseas emergency rescue

In the past people travel abroad travel insurance, they   buy variety is very limited, for this reason, there are a number of life   insurance company combining international emergency rescue, introduced   combined with life insurance and ping an property of tourism, and provide   emergency services.

Including general emergency service

1. Free telephones, can provide service in Chinese.

2. Emergency medical consultation, transfer.

3. Discharge returned to ferry. 

4. Acting mat hospitalization medical expenses. 

5. Insurant died abroad and continuous more than 14   days in hospital, pay for family members to help ticket.

Beige book

So-called beige book, which is the international   certificate of vaccination, due to immigration from all over the world need   to be vaccinated against prevention, as the regional epidemic cases may   change from time to tome, traveler, out the best in advance to the department   of health and health consulting.

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