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CEATEC Japan 2017

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CEATEC Japan 2017

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Show time: 2017 .10.4 -7    

Venue: Japan Chiba Makuhari Exhibition Center

About the event:

The exhibition is Japan's most advanced international level exhibitions from Japan two major exhibitions Japan Electronics Show ( Japan Electronics Show ) And the Japan communications Expo ( COM JAPAN ), Formed through the merger. Ten years ago, organized in three units Japan communication information network Association (CIAJ), Japan Electronics and information technology industries Association (JEITA), the Japan personal computer software Association (JPSA) under the joint efforts, the trade fair has become one of Asia and Japan domestic forefront electronics, the largest , The widest product range of world-class exhibitions.

Show review:

2014 Years of CEATEC Attracts exhibitors from all over the world were 547 Home, the number of visitors reached 15 Million or so. Sharp Corporation, Japan Electric Corporation, Epson Sales Corporation, Stanley electric co are in this exhibition showed off their most advanced products, and won awards at the show. I will, as the exhibition's partners in Asia, China will continue to organize enterprises to participate in 2015 year CEATEC exhibition.


1 Phase, key technology: electronic components / Component / Device: semiconductors, electronic components, passive components (resistors, capacitors, transformers, transistors, etc), connected device (connector / Switch / Relays, etc), functional devices (buzzers, Magnetic heads, small motors, sensors, etc), modules, circuit board, wires and cables, batteries and materials, magnetic materials, industrial equipment, etc.

2 And life & Society: home entertainment, video networks, digital tools, mobile networks, intelligent networks & Business, smart home & Smart communities, household appliances & Lifestyle, automotive electronics & Smart mobile, industrial-social system & High-tech, and so on. Eight highlights new products: moving, energy, medical care, wearable, robot, data, software, and content management, security & surveillance. 

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