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Show dates : 2017 2.8 - 9

Location : Japan, Tokyo

Venue name: Tokyo Ariake International Exhibition Hall Tokyo Big Sight

Exhibition period : year two

Exhibition profile:

    TokyoInternational gifts and goods fair was founded in 1976 years, held two seasons of spring and autumn each year, is currently the Japan the largest and most important gifts and household goods Expo, the exhibition by the Japan Business Guide-Sha, Inc. ( Business Guide-Sha, Inc. ) Host, was supported by many countries in Japan Embassy of Japan the strong support of many industry associations. Because Japan is a country that attaches great importance to Exchange and gifts, many people choose every year during Christmas, mother's day, Valentine's day and birthday gifts to their relatives and friends, so Japan gift market has a very bright future, currently on the market, holding about 1200 billion dollars. Many foreign companies will participate in the Tokyo gift show as it enters Japan gift market in a great way, and proved that their choice is rewarding.

Scope of exhibits: 

Ø Gifts: holiday gifts, wedding supplies, candles, incense, car perfumes, fresheners, beauty cosmetics, fashion watches, fashion jewelry, handicrafts, bags and leather goods, souvenirs, business gifts, consumer electronics (cell phones, portable hard drive,MP3 , etc), stationery, stationery set, when Shang backpack

Ø Consumer goods categories: tableware, kitchenware, kitchen appliances, kitchen appliances, sanitary appliances, ceramics, glassware, cutlery, household supplies, small electronic products, small household electric appliances products, disposable cleaning products, cleaning products, daily-use chemicals,

Ø Household supplies: glass, ceramics, furniture, upholstery, Interior lamps, bathroom, bedroom and Kitchen textiles textile fabrics, upholstery fabric, curtain fabric, table supplies, table decorations, metal products, plastic products, packaging and supplies, enamelware

Ø Garden decorations: hand tools, garden tools, camping and leisure products, artificial grass, flowers, dried flowers, artificial flowers, garden lighting, art pottery, outdoor furniture

Ø Promotions, gift products, environmentally-friendly bags, souvenirs, business gifts, fashion, footwear, headgear, clothing accessories, children's items, stationery, sports goods, jewellery, etc

Group exhibition:

2014 Years 2 months 77 Tokyo (spring) International Gift Fair exhibition area 90000 Square meters, the number of exhibitors reached 2500 The House, which has 470 Are from overseas, a total from all over the world 200000 Spectators attending the event. China has come from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Guangdong, Fujian, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and other cities close to 200 companies attended the fair, good display effect. Chinese exhibitors displayed exhibits to consumer electronic products, tableware, kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils, art ceramics, one-time cleaning supplies, cleaning supplies, hand tools, promotions, gift products, environmentally-friendly bags, clothing accessories, children's products, stationery, sports goods, fashion, jewelry, handicrafts, bags and leather products.

Market analysis:

Japan is the big consumer goods high update rate, and require the environmental performance and quality of goods, luxury-oriented exhibits. Currently on the market, holding about 1200 billion dollars. Many foreign companies will participate in the Tokyo gift show as it enters Japan gift market in a great way. According to the information provided by the exhibition,83% of the audience as a successful Tokyo Gift Show trade and collect valuable marketing information of the most visited trade fairs. Among them,96% visitors are responsible for purchasing decisions have a major impact on the character of the company. During the show, also held a series of seminars and talks. The exhibition is full of opportunities, exhibitors generally consider the exhibition of foreign trade enterprises, factories are entering Japan market one of the best ways.