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IFA 2017

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IFA 2017

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Exhibition: 2017/9/1-9/6

Venue: Germany Berlin exhibition centre

Hosting the General Assembly: Germany Berlin exhibition company



IFA Is the world's largest international consumer electronics exhibition, 1924 years started to 2015 year 91 years of history , is the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition , is an important place for displaying the latest consumer electronics products, in 2008 New information and display items such as appliances display significant increase in size, has now become a global consumer electronics and home appliance products are one of the indicators show. In recent years, many well-known manufacturers are almost all to participate in this event, mainland China exhibitors grow most popular.

Market effect:

According to GFU external market survey has pointed out,2012 year Germany consumer electronics market scale for 290 million euros compared with 2011 annual growth 6%,2013 years continuous increase 1-2%totalling 300 million euros. In recent years, expanding in this market.

IFA Organizers said that2013 years development of global consumer electronics market in the first half, poor environment in many countries, the exhibition or can inject new vitality for less booming market. The full year, remains optimistic about the prospects of global consumer electronics market sales is expected to be at 8360 billion Euro , achieving 2.8% growth. As the world's top consumer electronics and household appliances exhibition,2012 the show orders amounting to 38 billion euros, organizers and exhibitors are expected this year could also have " good harvest ".

Show review: 

Booth size:145000 square meters

Number of exhibitors:1500 (Chinese manufacturers more than 450 number)

Of exhibitors:240000

Of them, the number of visitors than 2013 annual growth 1.4%, 240000 visits, 46000 from Germany international audiences abroad, compared to the previous year increased by 2.2%. 2014 year IFA attracted from all over the world 80 countries 2360 event media coverage.


Home Entertainment:   TV,DVD, set-top boxes and decoders,   smart home

Audio entertainment:HiFi, audio, high fidelity audio,

Home appliances:   large and small appliances, kitchen equipment, heating systems

My media: camera,MPS, computers, games, storage devices, and Apple   peripheral

Mass media:   television, radio, media, etc

Secure   communications: security,CCTV, wireless devices, wire, phone, navigation, antenna,IP, network protocols, such as

Technologies and   accessories: semiconductor suppliers