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CES 2018

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CES 2018

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CES 2018

Exhibition: 2018 .1.9 -12

Venue: United States Las Vegas

Hosting the General Assembly: Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)


CES Consumer Electronics Show By the United States consumer electronics manufacturers association ( Abbreviation CEA) Hosting. Founded in 1967 year, have so far 46 year history, every January at the world famous Casino Las Vegas, is the world's largest and most influential consumer electronics technology exhibition, is the world's largest consumer technology industry event. 2015 year is 47 years, the exhibition highly specialized, trade good, enjoyed a high reputation in the world. Annual CES show has gathered the most excellent traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core manufacturer, they bring the most advanced technology and products, attracted a large number of high-tech equipment enthusiasts, users and industry audiences.

2013 45 CES Exhibition, from the 150 A country 3200 Many exhibitors participate in, CA 20000 Many new products introduced at the show, the exhibition area 19 Million square meters, the total exhibition area of 38 Million square meters, an audience of more than 15.3 Million visitors, including an international audience of 3.4 Million visitors, 5000 Media reported the event, organized 41 Keynote 200 Symposium, innovative product of the year award from the same period. Microsoft, andIBM, andIntel, andMOTO, Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo, sharp, pioneer, Toshiba, Philips and China's Haier, Hisense, KONKA, Pearson VUE international well-known enterprises such as Lenovo exhibitors. Chinese enterprises accounted for the total number of 1/6,CES show strength in the international arena, China is becoming manifest.


(1) Consumer electronics products:

Home theater, LCD TV, LCD monitor, DVD MP3 MP4 , Radio and TV equipment and related products,

Satellite TV products, digital products, products, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, video equipment, audio equipment, cameras, radios, Music Center auto electronic products, GPS , Electronics gifts, books, lamps, clocks, CD player, keyboard, electronic games, electronic entertainment products;

(2) Communication products and accessories:

Mobile phones, personal computers, the Internet, multimedia, software, communications hardware, voice communications, digital communications, video communications, mobile communications and radio communications, satellite communication technology, communication cables and fiber optics transmission equipment, computer accessories, cell phone accessories, networking products, peripherals and accessories such as;

(3) Electronic materials and electronic components:

Power supply and voltage regulator, battery, socket, electrical components, electronic components, wire,

(4) Other related consumer electronics products and technology.

(5) PMA@CES ( photographic equipment ) : Digital cameras, camcorders, professional and non-professional cameras, video cameras, camcorders, camera phones software, laboratory equipment, laser, photo equipment, photofinishing, digital PCs, printers, printer supplies, scanners, and so on.


Product category:

North Hall : iLounge/Automotive

South 1: Connected Home

South 2: iLounge/Audio/PMA@CES/Meeting Room

South 3/4: IT/Wireless

Sands: IT/Wireless/Living in digital times/3D printing/Motiontech/Robotics/Gaming/Wrist revolution/Eureka park/Spotrs


Budget: (according to their own needs to add the following)

Exhibition budget = Pitch fees + International delegations arriving in fees + Freight charges + Other miscellaneous fees





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