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CeBIT 2017

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CeBIT 2017

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CeBIT 2017

Exhibition time : 2017.3.20-24

Venue : Germany Hannover Exhibition Center

Hosting the General Assembly : Germany Hannover exhibition company (Deutsche Messe AG)

Exhibition profile:

CeBIT Exhibition from the 1947 Years in Germany aimed at showing the international market of Hanover was founded Germany's Hannover industrial fair ( Hannover Messe ) Office Automation area. 1970 year, meaning " Center for Office and information technology " German abbreviations,CeBIT term appears for the first time at the exhibition. With the development of 80 PC,1986 year CeBIT from the Hannover Messe exhibition and eventually become independent of IT exhibition. Until today, theCeBIT has developed into the world's largest information, communication and software of the authoritative exhibition.

Show review:

2014 Annual exhibition dates 3 Month 10-14 Day, for a period of 5 Days. As the world's largest authority in the field of information, communication and software exhibition, this year 50% per cent of exhibitors from Germany outside the country, is one of the most prominent of more than 300 new enterprises bring energy and technology innovation; the other from 120 More than 23 million professional visitors, of which 92% is the IT professional audience related to the over one-third of the buyer is the company's decision, according to the statistics,CeBIT2014 Total value of 250 million euros.


1. E-business programme /Hall 2,Hall 4 E-commerce solutions

2. Business management, input/output scheme /Hall 3 : ECM And scanning systems, print management, file management, Office Services

3. ERP And data points /Hall 5 : FRID BI CRM EPR HR POS Software, logistics and transport

4. Web & Mobile Solutions /Hall 6 : E-commerce, Internet solutions, mobile enterprise, APP

5. Research and development and creating a new /Hall 9 : Applied research, emerging technologies, start-ups

6. Security, IT Data center and infrastructure /Hall 12 : Anti-virus system, email security, financial services, cloud computing and cyber security, physical security, identity management, secure communications, and mobile services, core solutions, data center technologies and solutions, network components and infrastructure

7. Communications and networking /Hall 13 : Broadband solutions, M2M , Smart Home technology, telematics and navigation systems, wireless and satellite communications and network diagnostic and measuring equipment, network software

8. Consumer electronics /Hall 16 Hall17 : Computer components, and computer peripherals, display products, audio and video products, hardware, mobile devices


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