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  • international exhibition operation agent
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  • 2人
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  • 大专以上
  • Jobs Time :
  • 2017-03-17
  • Job description:

    1.     to help deal with the issues of the exhibition

    2.     be responsible for communication with foreign assembly and domestic customers, the sorting of data

    Job requirements:

    1.     cet6, with good listening, speaking, reading and writing;

    2.     good image temperament, character, cheerful and generous, strong affinity, good communication and coordination ability;

    3.     use the office software skilled, can bear certain pressure;

    4.     commercial exhibition work more than one year related experience is preferred

    5.     MIS the number of senior software engineer: 1-2 people


    1.     College above degree, majored in computer and related field, with more than two years work experience

    2.     Proficient, PHP/SQL development

    3.     Be familiar with VB.NET, VC, development

    4.     Familiar technology architecture

    5.     Proficiency in English communication and writing skills

    6.     Work dependably, seriously, have team spirit and strong ability of communication, has the customer supreme service consciousness

    7.     Good document writing ability, familiar with OFFICE

    8.     Into JAVE programmers to avoid interference